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Unveiling the 'Shelf for Dyson Airwrap 001' by Graine Studios

It’s no small secret amongst our little Dyson Airwrap community (yes we are a community) that the beautiful stunning leather case the hair-styler comes in is utter garbage. 🚮

For those who have a dyson air wrap, how do you store it? The case it comes in is so bulky and takes up the entire space under my bathroom sink! - Fishbowl
I had no idea the storage case was this big, and it is giving me anxiety (lol I’m a bit of a neat freak / reformed hoarder) on where to put it while making it easily accessible for daily usage. So my question is, how are you folks storing your airwrap? - Reddit

Fooled by brilliant marketing & an unwavering devotion to Sir James Dyson (the Steve Jobs of Vacuum Cleaners ❤️) I too put my hopes on this box being an organizational shrine to the brilliance of Dyson’s Electronic Empire.

But Ladies & Gentleman…Never put all your hopes in one box.

The storage case is an organizational flop. The case is clumsy & bulky, its’ soft felty interior is a black hole for bedroom dust, & storing the thing is a cable management nightmare. The user experience of this box resembles NOTHING of the sleek tactile feel of the actual device itself.

NOW...Maybe We have found the Solution

2 months ago - on January 1 - our studio set off to solve this leather & carton origami nightmare of a box situation.

After weeks of late night ‘click’ testing (getting the right ‘click’ is important to us), 3D modeling, & several Starburst wrappers later this is what we’ve come up with — A sleek birch wood shelf with holders for all your Airwrap goodies.

Since designing the shelf system we are now building up stock of these pieces slowly as we go along. If you are interested in picking one up you can order one in our online shop!

James Dyson, I love You but our Niche Community of Dyson Airwrap Owners Deserves Better


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